In the rhytm of the City

Galeria SFERA is a modern shopping centre whose abundant history and location in the heart of the city make it an inseparable part of Bielsko-Biała and the region.

As the largest shopping centre in Podbeskidzie region, it offers shopping in 250 stores, 25 restaurants and coffee shops serving dishes from around the world, a music club, bowling, fitness centre, Helios cinema, Fikołki playroom, and 4-star Qubus hotel.

It is a modern urban space that mingles with the everyday life of the city’s inhabitants, integrating commercial and tertiary, entertainment, cultural, and social functions.

Linked with history

Galeria SFERA is the first project in Poland to revitalise post-industrial urban areas, restoring them to their functional character. Two buildings forming the gallery: SFERA I and SFERA II, integrated into the historic urban development of Bielsko-Biała, constitute a unique architectural project carried out on the premises of the former textile factories, while preserving some of the original buildings. Thanks to this, Galeria SFERA brings together the memory of the rich history of the city with the functional character of the urban space.

The construction of the shopping centre began in 2000 after the demolition of the factory halls belonging to the textile factory Lenko SA. The official opening of the gallery took place on December 6, 2001. In 2006, the abandoned factory buildings of the former ZPW Finex, located along the Biała river, were demolished in order to expand the centre in their place. The opening of the second building took place on October 28, 2009.

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Architectural form

Galeria SFERA was planned out with respect to the historic nature of the place, where the urban landscape was made up of abandoned factories.

The façade of the building has been incorporated into the historical façades of the factory owners' houses at Cechowa street 22 and 24. The façades of factory halls along the Biała river were also reconstructed. The outlines of three factories and post-industrial buildings are reflected in the paved floor of the passageway. Unique urban and architectural elements corresponding to the existing urban style were also left.

The interior of the shopping centre stands out due to its abundance of architectural and historical contexts. Cobbled streets, glass roofs, the preserved façade of Bielsko’s historic tenement house - this is a tribute to the rich history and characteristic urban design of Bielsko-Biała. The interior is visually complemented by some elements of small architecture referring to the industrial style and giving the building its urban character. We are talking here in particular about two fountains - in SFERA I and SFERA II - and decorative, cast-iron lanterns placed along the passageway.


Area (SQMs)


Area (SQMs)


Area (SQMs)


Area (SQMs)


Hotel (SQMs)


Apartments (SQMs)

Closer to nature

The industrial space is complemented by some rich vegetation. In the mall, we have got 2,385 m2 of greenery, over 1,000 plants, including over 30 trees. This combination creates a perfect arrangement, which makes the interior of the shopping gallery resemble a green garden. As a result, the level of visitor comfort is enhanced. Vegetation predominates especially in the restaurant zones, allowing you to come back to nature during family meals and social gatherings you enjoy in the city centre.

In November 2019, in order to address the smog problem, Galeria SFERA opened the first Oxygenation Plant in Poland - an area where you can breathe clean air thanks to specially selected plants. It is also a place where ecological workshops were organised by the ARKA Ecological Foundation, in which in 2019, 450 children from 50 nearby institutions and schools took part.


Our activities include a number of consistently conducted ecological activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We believe that the steps we take will contribute to a real improvement of the environment. We use the latest solutions in the field of energy saving: Free cooling uses the cooling layers coming from the air outside the building to reduce the temperature inside.

The storage of "gray water" allows the reuse of filtered recycled water. In turn, thanks to the recuperation system, we can recover heat by means of mechanical ventilation. Waste segregation takes place according to standards. Green provisions in contracts obliging us to save energy and all this resulted in obtaining the BREEAM certificate at the excellent level. This means a high assessment of the building in terms of both comfort of use and its environmental friendliness.

The best for You

Galeria SFERA was ewarded in the 11th edition of the PRCH Retail Awards competition - silver statuette in the Best Performance category. Thanks to this, we are among the best shopping centre in Poland. The jury appreciated the high number of visitors, a surge in business indicators and a large number of pro-sales and marketing campaigns organised, as well as events enjoying unflagging customer interest.

Thank you for being with us!


SFERA was included in the distinguished group of "Champions of Good Practices". The honourable titles were awarded as part of the twelfth special edition of the Retail Awards competition organised by the Polish Council of Shopping Centres.

For Galeria SFERA, like many other shopping centres in Poland, the pandemic is an extremely difficult time. However, from the very beginning, we supported the inhabitants of Bielsko and its vicinity, and made every effort to ensure the safety of our clients, employees and tenants. It was with you in mind that we have undertaken a number of activities that have been distinguished as good practices by the Polish Council of Shopping Centres as part of the prestigious competition for the retail industry, PRCH Retail Awards.

The following campaigns were among the reported and awarded good practices of:

  • SFERA thanks to local heroes
  • SFERA support the seniors




First hour


2nd hour started

3,00 PLN

3rd hour started and every hour afterwards

4,00 PLN

Kino Helios. My Fitness Place

Up to 5h free

Funpark, CarWash, Hotel Qubus

no charge for customers who received
"zero" ticket from the store service or hotel


First hour


2nd hour started


3rd hour started and every hour afterwards

3,00 PLN

Kino Helios. My Fitness Place

Up to 6h free

Funpark, CarWash, Hotel Qubus

no charge for customers who received
"zero" ticket from the store service or hotel

Getting here


Public transport
6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23, 33, 38, 51

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Galeria Sfera

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