Verona – Sfera‘s new jewellery boutique– is now open!

Nov. 29, 2017

Jewellery that combines the latest trends in fashion with the qualities of classic beauty always makes a perfect present. These are just the kind of jewellery collections you can find in Verona, which opened its boutique today in Sfera.
Up until now, Sfera’s customers could purchase jewellery and accessories in 15 boutiques under the centre’s roof. Today we see the opening of a 16th with the brand name Verona.
What is this new brand? And what can it offer customers? Verona specialises in jewellery collections which in a unique way combine the latest trends with classic beauty. Timeless designs, carefully selected by the brand’s stylists, give the perfect emphasis to emotions and tender gestures. Lovestruck Verona emanates warmth and belonging and its Italian character beautifully complements those most precious of moments, making it the most beautiful present you could ever give to someone you care about.
We hope that something from Verona will be the perfect addition to the Christmas atmosphere in your home. From today, we invite you to the new shop situated on the first floor of Sfera II.

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